Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System


Uniting the Art of Breathwork With the Science of Trauma Release.

When our intrinsic need to give and receive love as a child was restricted, or when painful or traumatic events have been repressed, our life-energy becomes restricted and blocked by physical holding-patterns. Our breathing reduces, our body-armour or tension increases, and we feel ourselves locked into patterns of behaviour we know we really want to escape from.  It is through the breath that old physical tensions, traumas, and emotional patterns can be freed from the body-mind and cellular healing can occur.

Connection with and integration of our authentic self begins with coming back to our breath.

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release System is built on a new approach to trauma release. This profound and revolutionary system of body therapy integrates non-cathartic deep connected breathing with especially designed body awareness techniques, bodywork and meditation. When skillfully combined in an integrated flow and safe environment these techniques result in releasing long held trauma from the body/mind.  Recovery from trauma requires attention to the body, mind, and spirit at different stages of the recovery process.  None of the dimensions of our being can be overlooked in the journey of recovery.

The benefits of breathwork may include:

Lifts your mood and lowers anxiety
Calms your nervous system and releases stress
Brings emotional clarity and calmness
Boosts your energy and stamina
Strengthens your immune system
Reduces blood pressure
Increases spiritual awareness
Release tension and express unconscious feelings in a safe environment
Anchor joy and positive feelings in the body

Private sessions lasts approximately 75 minutes and and are $120.00 per session. 

At times I may use certain techniques to help bring about awareness of your breathing rhythm, to release feelings and tension, to make room for the breath and to ground your experience. These include:

Bodywork: I may apply pressure or light touch to acupressure points to help you move your breath into all parts of your body and to help you release areas of tension.
Toning: I may suggest that you make particular vocal sounds to help you clear tension in your neck and throat, thereby making room for the breath.